Reading Style Guide Winter 2019-20

Dear Friends,

It’s winter here in South Texas. Nights are cool. Day temperatures remain warm and balmy. I think longingly of our winters in New York. While I don’t miss the slushy roads covered with salt and sand, I miss moments when freshly fallen snow blankets the world.

There’s a stillness when I’m surrounded by walls of glistening white snow. It’s magical.

I enjoy looking at photos from our time in New York and remembering the brisk, at times bone-chilling weather. This edition of Reading Style Guide reflects my wistful memories. You’ll find pages devoted to cozy bedtimes, lights shining in the darkest of nights, and sledding down hills. Celebrate the wonders of winter. It's the season of gift-giving. Pair a book with an item of interest. Look at some of the pairing on these pages for inspiration. Books are a personal gift that can be enjoyed time and again.

May this season be a joyous one for you and for the young people in your life.

Read with Style,


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