Reading Style Guide Summer 2019

Hello Friends,

Welcome to the Summer of 2019. I love the longer daylight hours and the star- filled night sky. Love the strawberries, bursting with flavorful goodness! At our house this is becoming the summer of the chocolate fondue. We’ve been dunking the berries, along with other assorted fruit into the rich dark goodness. I use the super simple Rachel Ray recipe: Heat some cream on the stovetop. Add chunks of good quality dark chocolate. Stir with a whisk until creamy. That’s it! Yum! Between mouthfuls of chocolate-dipped strawberries, I’ve been putting together the Summer 2019 edition of the Reading Style Guide. It is filled with warm weather explorations. There are chicken shenanigans: point and flick chickens, a chicken whisperer shirt, and One Fox , a clever counting book with a twist. For the Aww Factor be sure to view the swan video of young cygnets hitching a ride on their mother’s back. There’s more: insects, dots, gnomes, our glorious National Parks, and more. Check it out!

Read with Style,


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