Reading Style Guide Fall 2019

Dear Friends, Welcome Autumn! It brings many pleasures: cool crisp nights, comfy sweaters, and the spicy scent of cinnamon. The longer nights signal more time to read! I believe this is my favorite season.

If you’ve been following social media, you may be aware of a marketing meme focused on books and bookmarks. This got me thinking about my bookmarks. While it is not extensive, I have a small collection, often associated with a specific memory of a book or individual. They are displayed on a shelf in my personal library. I am quite fond of them. However, they never make it into the pages of the books that I read.

There are bookmarks, and then there are bookmarks that one might find only in the southwest. Recently, I was sorting a selection of book donations and encountered this very interesting bookmark. Only in Texas, my friends, only in Texas.

This fall The Reading Style Guide explores the possibility of Aliens, marvels at the wonder of bats, shares comic-making tips, enjoys the joys of jam and much more. Here’s to an autumn filled with wonderful reading. Read with Style,


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